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 Loon Lake, Washington

Perspective Owner Questionnaire
At this time we are looking for experienced performance and or show homes.  Occasionally we place pups in active pet homes.

Is the Border Collie the breed for you?
Health Clearance Puppy Rearing
This Questionnaire is only a tool for us to best match a puppy with you and your family.  There are no wrong answers just information that helps us fill our obligation as your pup's breeder. 

All information is kept confidential.
We try to respond to each individual questionnaire submitted but do miss some occasionally.......so
please keep checking our web site and feel free to contact us periodically so that we know you are still interested.

 Home phone: 509-233-8304  Cell phone: 509-844-3214 

Please provide the following contact information:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone
Have you owned a Border Collie before?  YES     NO

Please check any of the following activities you plan on participating in with your Border Collie?

         conformation shows       obedience trials       agility trials

         tracking       herding     flyball

         search & rescue       scent hurdling       Schutzhund

         jogging       frisbee       protection training

         puppy kindergarten       basic obedience class      camping

         hiking      OTHER

Do you intend on obedience training your Border Collie?     ON YOUR OWN


Do you hope to breed Border Collies?   YES     NO

Have you ever done any breeding of dogs before?   YES     NO

Are there children at home, or any children/grandchildren who visit regularly?    YES      NO 

If you donít currently have children, do you plan to in the future?    YES     NO

What other pets or animals do you own?    CAT     DOG    OTHER

Do you or your neighbors have livestock?    YES     NO

Where will the dog be while you are home?     INSIDE    OUTSIDE      BOTH

Where will the dog sleep?    INDOORS      OUTDOORS

How long will the dog be alone each day?    LESS THAN 2 HRs      2-4 HRs      4-8 HRs        

         MORE THAN 8 HRs

Why do you want a Border Collie?

Please describe any particular physical or character attributes that you are looking for in your puppy?

Have you owned any dogs before if so, what breed AND LIST ALL PERFORMANCE TITLES OR BREED CHAMPIONSHIPS EARNED?

Where is the dog(s) now?

What activities did you participate in with your dog?

The second part of our questionnaire will be forwarded to you at a later date.  We will be asking for 3 references plus information about your veterinarian and upon request I will provide you with a list of my references.


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