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 Loon Lake, Washington



Becca and Indi enjoying the snow?

Becca and Popper


Front entry gate.
You can't see it very well but Mark's
first wood working project is the sign hanging
from the cross beam...."Sun Mountain Kennels".
The driveway in is to the left of the trees
and the small green building is the pump house.

South side of the house.
When you drive in and clear the trees it's
about here where you can drive straight to
the house or turn left and take the circle
drive that goes around to the back of the house.
If you take the circle drive you drive past the
 barn and on to the shop which is on the far
 side of the house.


Looking from the barn to the front porch
(west side of the house).  Popper and
Tess are keeping their eyes on the sheep.

The line up at the north side of the house;
Nexee, Maddie, Indi, Popper, Becca and Tess.
Behind the 2 trees at the right
you can barely see the door to the laundry/dog room
and above Nexee is the dog door.


East side of the house...back door.
I wish the icicles showed up better.
If you look at the dark blue box you
can see the tip of one.

The shop which is north of the house.  I hope
to put kennels in under the covered area to
the right with an indoor area for each run. 

Standing in the middle of the living room/kitchen area pictures are taken
if you were turning to your right.

The front porch is out through the slider with
the front yard beyond the porch
and the barn is beyond the fence.

The kitchen with our island on wheels
actually dog show wheels.....can't
decide exactly where we want it.

I moved the island so you can see the
kitchen better and Mark's natural gas stove
that he has always wanted. 

Of course my excitement about the kitchen
is the shelf above the cabinets for my
BC statues and sheep cookie jars.

This is to the right of the kitchen (kitchen frig is
the black box on the right).  Entry door
to the master bed room and master bath.


I'm not sure what you would call this
area...it's just an open area combined with the
living room/kitchen area.  The
laundry/dog room door to just to
the left of the chair and the pantry door
is just to the right of the chair.

Here is the my nick-nack shelf and the door
to the mud room which leads to the back porch.
The guest bath is off the mud room.

Behind the french door is the office. We have
the wood burning stove as back up heat
and will be finishing off the wall behind
it this summer with rock.  



This is the living room looking out towards
the front gate.....and there's that little green
building again.....I think it needs a crescent
moon on the door.

Had to get in a few of the dogs.  Nexee and Becca, Nexee is curled up on the rug.

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